I love food documentaries more than life itself. I think the first one I ever watched was Food, Inc. and I was hooked from the first 3 minutes of it. I've since come to watch pretty much every food documentary that Netflix has to offer and every time I walk away feeling a little more disgusted with the food industry. It's so amazing that our food (meat) isn't more regulated and that there are so many genetically modified plants. I won't get on my soapbox regarding GMOs today because you will all truly believe that I am bat shit crazy. Instead, I just wanted to say that I've been putting off Vegucated for a while. I'm pretty "granola" as it is and didn't want to push my sweet husband over the edge with more crunch in our lives. Cloth diapering almost did that to him... But he loves it now. Go figure. Then came the compost bin. And then the extra recycling bins. And now, after watching Vegucated, I somehow convinced him that we should try to go vegan for 3 days. Just 3 days. And if it isn't so bad, we'll discuss doing it more from there. I don't mind if he wants meat or dairy afterwards, but I'd like to see if we can handle it for just 3 days. We did a clean eating challenge over the summer for 10 days and it was amazing for us to cut out processed foods and see how much better we felt. We still eat clean most of the time. So... Tomorrow starts our vegan challenge. Luckily, I just bought 2 gallons of almond milk today (I use it in green monsters) and I am already eating raw for 2 meals per day, so supper is the only thing I'll really have to worry about for myself. The boys aren't big meat eaters anyway so I don't think it'll be a huge deal for them. We shall see and I will certainly keep you all updated! I'm sure I will post plenty of pictures on Instagram: skinnygirlwantsout.

In other news, I weighed in this morning for the biggest loser competition and I lost ELEVEN FREAKING POUNDS this week!! I have no idea how or why or anything but I did it!! It had to be the raw eating for the most part. Otherwise, I know that I weighed in the afternoon for the first weight and first thing in the morning (nothing to eat or drink before) and that made a difference. My weight flictuates a lot during the day anyway. I'm really freaking excited and feel like I stand a chance in this competition. I was really downplaying my success all day in my head and out loud, but my friend Jamie (who is amazing) finally said, "Look, Heather, you lost 11 pounds regardless. The scale doesn't lie and it isn't broken. Just accept it!" So I did. I was able to squash that sneaky negative self talk and I feel much better now. If I win the competition this week, you'll know about it because you'll probably hear my screams all over the world. :)

Vegan readers: leave me some recipes!!!

Until next time...

01/16/2013 9:28am

Heather! Jamie is totally right, you LOST 11 FREAKIN POUNDS!! OWN IT!! You're going to kill it in this competition, I just know it!!


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