I have been really sucking at exercise lately... And by lately, I mean, forever. I have never enjoyed exercise. Ever. Not once in my whole life did I look forward to going for a run, or heading to the gym, or anything else. I don't even enjoy walking from my car to the store most of the time. It's never been anything I was taught to enjoy... Or even tolerate. So when I learned about the Fitbit, my world was turned upside down. Sure, I'd heard of pedometers and even owned a few that I flicked with my fingers a few times and watched the numbers change. Then it sat in a drawer, untouched until the next spring cleaning.

When I met my wonderful friend Brandi, an amazing mom, friend, and hell of a blogger, she told me about her Fitbit and I was in love with the idea. You can have friends on there?! And compete with them?! And it keeps track of your steps and activity?! Sign me up! I'm sold! I will walk seventy billion steps per day with that sort of motivation! I ordered it a few days later for a birthday present for myself and fell in love the moment it arrived... Then, I lost it. Yup, I lost it. I have no idea how or where, but it was gone. I emailed the fitbit team to find out if there was a way to track its location. I found out that there wasn't, but they offered to send me a new tracker for free to replace the one I lost! Best customer service ever! Only it took a few weeks to get to me and I allowed myself to get very lazy in that time. The holidays were beginning, I was looking for a job, I was beyond stressed. I just let myself fall to the wayside (as usual... There seems to be a pattern here!) and gave up on myself. I didn't have time, after all. Turns out, I DID have time. I just didn't have motivation. I'm back on the wagon now and my step goal for every day is 10,000 steps, which ends up being around 5 miles. I'm going to try to get 10k steps every day for one week and then I'll do it the next week, and the next week... Baby steps. I do so much better with small goals rather than long term goals. So, that being said, I've created some goals for myself for the month of January:
  • Lose 7 pounds
  • Complete the 30 Day Smoothie Challenge
  • Get 10k steps every day
  • One cheat MEAL (not day) per week
The Biggest Loser competition starts next Tuesday. Shit is about to get so beyond real up in here. In the meantime, you guys should check out a few of my favorite weight loss blogs by some of my best friends in the world (other than Brandi, who I mentioned above).
Karri is completely amazing in every single way!! I'm so honored to know her and she constantly inspires me to just keep going. Check out her blog as she gets healthy before venturing into the world of motherhood.
Alisha is such an awesome person. I am always in awe of her. She has lost 81 pounds and survived amazing trauma to come this far. She is truly a survivor.
Marcee is brand new to the world of healthy blogging, just like me, but she is such a natural, you'd never know it! She is hilarious, beautiful, successful, and such an inspiration to me.

Until next time...
Stay happy, stay healthy.  See you on the Skinny side.

01/03/2013 10:49pm

You are doing awesome! Much better than me with heathy eating! I love being mentioned in your blog, makes me feel famous!

01/03/2013 10:53pm

Those are great goals! I need to start making the time to get my steps in.

01/04/2013 12:25pm

I absolutely adore you! And I am beyond excited and proud of the changes you've made! You will do this 2013 is the year of The Heathers...


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