Today is "tomorrow"! My new lifestyle kicks off today. Lawton woke up at 4am and we've been going strong since then.
I made a juice around 7am and it's now 9am. I feel great! I have more energy than I usually have in the mornings. We'll see if it lasts all day.

I've had a Jack LaLanne juicer for a few months but I've only used it a couple of times (honestly because I would rather starve to death than have to clean the damn thing more than every once in a while). I brought it out this morning and got it all ready and juiced my little heart out. I made a green juice this morning (recipe to follow) just because it seems to be really popular and one that everyone likes. I was pleasantly surprised!! It was really good, with just the right amount of sweetness. I used a lot of vegetables and several fruits, so I feel like I took in several servings of fruits and veggies this morning already. Once I had my juice, Jameson and Lawton couldn't stop drinking it, but I wasn't really crazy about them drinking it with the energy superfood powder in it (as if they need more energy), so I made them their own and they are full of vitamins for today as well! It's always great when the boys like healthy foods. You'll never hear me complain about that. :)

This is the recipe that I used for my juice:
2 big handfuls of spinach leaves
2 big handfuls of kale
1 stalk of broccoli
About 1/4 bunch of parsley
1 inch of fresh ginger
1 apple, cored
1 kiwi
1 banana
Handful of mixed frozen fruits, thawed (pineapple and mango)
1 scoop of Amazing Greens Superfood Energy Powder

You can play with the ingredients as much as you'd like. I have a feeling this would be hard to screw up! I will gradually add less and less fruit as I get used to the taste of a bunch of vegetables.

I'll keep you updated as I continue to juice! I would love to do a juice fast but I'm not crazy about doing that while I'm breastfeeding. Once Lawton is weaned, I'll try it for sure! For now, I'll juice in the mornings and eat clean for the rest of the day. I expect to have a LOT more energy and hopefully to drop a few pounds.

Until next time...
My life has been so full of "tomorrows". Tomorrow, I will start the diet. Next Monday, I will start exercising. Tomorrow,
I will be better. I will magically wake up and tomorrow will be the day.

Tonight, as I write this, tomorrow is my last "tomorrow". I begin a serious transformation tomorrow. The fridge and pantry are stocked with clean, nutritious foods. My running shoes are by the door, although I won't be running any impressive distances tomorrow.

Why tomorrow? Because I deserve to feel better. Because I should be able to chase after my sweet boys without losing my breath. Because I want to feel confident for the first time in my life. Because my sister is getting married and I don't want to be the fat matron of honor.

Just yesterday, I was walking with Jameson and Lawton. Jameson suddenly took off running and said "mommy, chase me!" Guess what? I couldn't chase him for more than 50 feet without having to stop. That ends now. I will be able to chase him. I'll be able to chase him for 13 miles, tackle him, and cover him with kisses if I want by the end of the year.

There are so many reasons that I can't even begin to describe here, but these will do for now. Will you join me on my journey? Watch me transform and I'll make it worth your while. :)


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